How Rodents Can Affect Your Family's Health

How rodents can affect your family's health A rodent infestation in your home is a large problem with many ramifications. Not only is it gross, but it can affect your family's health in a variety of ways. It's important to take care of this kind of problem quickly, so you and family members don't get sick. They carry disease directly. A variety of diseases can be transmitted from rodents through contamination of your food and water, by leaving droppings or biting or scratching you directly. Because of how quickly they reproduce, they can be a big problem and the number...
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Top 5 Scariest Looking Spiders

Even though many spiders look scary, scientific data shows that spiders do not habitually attack and bite people . Plus, spiders are fascinating creatures that weave webs and eat various types of insects. Here is a list of the top five scariest looking spiders: 1. Wolf Spiders Similar to wolves, wolf spiders (lycosids), hunt their prey. Wolf spiders have eight legs and lurk in concealed places while waiting to catch their prey. A wolf spider also has eight eyes rendering the creature with excellent vision. Contrary to popular belief, wolf spiders are not tarantulas even though the spiders have similar...
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How To Tell If You Have A Cockroach Problem

If you see a cockroach in your home , you’re likely to have more. Sometimes, a single cockroach will sneak in the front door. However, they’re social creatures, and they tend to travel in groups. One cockroach will release pheromones that attract others to the same location. There are a few ways to identify whether you have an infestation and the extent of the problem. Seeing Roaches During The Day Cockroaches are nocturnal. They prefer to hang out in dark locations. If you have a minor cockroach problem, you might only see the insects when you turn on the lights...
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How Do Ants Enter Your Home?

Witnessing ants crawling on the countertop in your kitchen is an unpleasant experience. At first, you think the little brown or black insects are crumbs only to realize that the so-called crumbs are moving to and fro. Ants are tiny creatures. Consequently, they easily find ways to enter your home. Plus, ants have existed for millions of years, which perhaps gives them some sort of cosmic sixth sense about how to find entry points into your home. It almost seems as though they magically appear, disappear and reappear without a logical explanation. Ants may Live in the Ground Beneath the...
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Keeping Pests Out of Your Fourth of July Party

During the warm and sunny months of summer, many people plan to have a Fourth of July party so that they can have fun with friends and family. They put a lot of thought into it and do their best to host an event that their guests will remember for years to come, grilling food, setting up games and serving tasty drinks. Sadly, they sometimes overlook the importance of preparing for ants, stinging insects and other pests that could crash their party. If you would like to protect yourself from common invaders, the following guide will show you where to...
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How Similar Are Termites and Cockroaches?

Although they look and act different, termites and cockroaches are quite similar. There are a few physical characteristics that are shared between the two pests. Both insects seek shelter, often inside the home, to find food and water. There are a few species of cockroaches that thrive on wood, and termites enjoy wood as well. A cockroach will sometimes make a meal on only wood, digesting it in a manner that delivers nutrients to its body. Termites often make their homes in wood and will devour the material from the inside out, leaving a shell that is unstable. When the...
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How to Have a Pest-Free Summer Picnic

Picnics are a welcome sight after the cold months. Sitting in the sun and enjoying good food melts away the winter blues and reinvigorates you for the summer. Unfortunately, the welcoming heat also wakes up the insects in time to ruin your picnic and outdoor adventures. If you want to avoid pests during your outdoor meal, it's best to plan ahead. 3 Tips for a Pest-Free Picnic Bring Along Some Bug Repellent Mosquitoes and other biting insects come out in the summer and make life miserable for those who enjoy spending time outdoors. If you're picnicking, a mosquito infestation will...
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Fun Facts About Termites

Termites are often described as a homeowner's worst nightmare. While you may not want them invading your neighborhood, they are fascinating insects. If you are unconvinced, just consider these fun facts about termites. Remember When Humans have been around for more than four million years, but people are evolutionary whippersnappers when compared to termites. Scientists believe the first termites appeared more than 250 million years ago. They predate even dinosaurs. A Family Resemblance? Like ants, termites are social insects that live in large colonies and have assigned roles and tasks. They even physically resemble ants, but don't let their looks...
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How to Avoid Bringing Bed Bugs Home from Spring Break

If you celebrate spring break by traveling to destinations with comfortable temperatures, plenty of sunshine, and beaches, then you’ll need to pack your warm weather attire. When the time comes to repack your clothes and other items to return home, sometimes unwanted visitors return home with you. Bed bugs are famous for this. Here are a few ways to avoid bringing bed bugs home with you from spring break. Know the Signs of Bed Bugs When bed bugs move into an interior space, they’ll leave behind signs that they’re there. Bed bug signs include reddish, brown streaks on the bed...
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How to Have a Pest-Free Home in Every Season

Regardless of the season, finding out that you have a pest infestation is an unsettling experience. Pests move into homes for different reasons. Some do so for shelter and to gain access to crumb droppings and water while you are the primary food source for others. Seasons play a part in what pests are likely to infest and why. Here are few tips for how to have a pest-free home in every season. Winter Tips When the temperature drops in the winter, mice and rats may start searching for a warm place to live. To prevent their entry, seal your...
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What Attracts Rodents to Homes?

Mice and rats – these rodents find their way into homes through cracks, gaps and crevices. They're able to flatten their bodies and to squeeze through the smallest openings. Whether it's a dryer vent or a plumbing pipe, a rodent will enter a home if it has a way. If you want to keep rodents out of your home, it pays to look more closely at their behavior. 3 Reasons Why Rodents Invade Homes They're in search of food. Rodents have a good sense of smell and can sniff out trash, leftovers and other food items in and around your...
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Don't Let Ants or Termites Ruin Your Thanksgiving Celebration

  As you look forward to planning your Thanksgiving celebration with your loved ones this upcoming holiday season, the last thing you want to worry about is bothersome pests. Your home is a place where precious memories are made with family and friends, and at Gibson Pest Control we understand how important this is to you. The information below will help you determine if you have an ant or termite problem and what to do if you notice these pests in or around your home.    Facts about Ants   Ants are one of the most common pests that people...
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Why Customers Love Gibson

  Choosing the right pest control company to serve your needs is an important task. You want to choose a company that is experienced, up to date on the latest techniques, affordable, and trustworthy. Gibson Pest Control has been serving Arden, NC and surrounding areas for 38 years. Over this time, we have heard from many satisfied customers. Below are five of the top reasons that our customers love the Gibson name and all that we stand for.    Family Owned and Operated   Gibson Pest Control has been a family owned and operated business since 1979. Over the last...
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Best Ways to Avoid Bug Bites While Camping

Located along the edge of the Great Smoky Mountains, Asheville is a short drive to some of North Carolina's most breathtaking campsites. No matter how beautiful the views or how fresh the air, though, there's always a risk of suffering a bug bite. To prevent the mosquitoes and spiders from sucking the life out of your trip, follow these tips.   Smother Your Skin In Coconut Oil   While coconuts might remind you of a tropical island, they're also a natural bug repellent used by campers in the wilderness. To stave off a bug attack, use coconut soap to wash...
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What is EcoSmart?

Without a doubt, pesticide use has benefited homeowners, eliminating plant pests and diseases that could destroy lawns and landscapes in a short time. However, pesticide management strategies that rely solely on technical-grade chemicals have been proven to harm non-target plants and animals while contributing to soil and water pollution.  The EcoSMART Solution EcoSMART is a patented brand of pesticide solutions focused on the use of natural ingredients that do not affect non-target species, including people who are routinely exposed to the products' residue. The company's formulations are based on science-backed research centered around finding effective nature-based alternatives to chemical pesticides....
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Why You Need Professional Ant Control

Ants are among the most common types of pests, and it can be difficult for people to get rid of them and to keep them from coming back. While you can take some measures to try to keep ants at bay, it is important for you to get help from the experts at Gibson Pest Control. Some types of ants are difficult to control, and the home remedies that people sometimes try may be toxic or ineffective. Still, some people will go to great lengths in an effort to exterminate ants in their homes, sometimes with bad results. Accidentally Burning...
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Three Reasons Why Pests Are Bad For Business

Pests can be extremely costly for businesses, causing damage to their reputations, brands and customer bases. Pests may also cause health risks for your employees, customers, and vendors. If you have pests present in your business, it is important that you get professional pest management services from Gibson Pest Control to get rid of your pest problem. Damage to Your Business's Reputation With social media and review sites, bad reviews can cause serious harm to your business. When your customers see pests in your business, they are likely to leave negative reviews online. This can cause damage to your business's...
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Prevent Bees From Joining Your Memorial Day BBQ

Bees are essential to the survival of hundreds of plant species, but these beneficial pollinators can become a nuisance when they show up at your Memorial Day cookout. Bee stings also present a serious danger to young children and those who are allergic. Because worldwide bee populations are  in decline , it is important to avoid harming these important insects while protecting your guests. Chemical-based Repellent Commercial bee repellent is a very effective method to keep bees away. Repellent spray can be applied to most surfaces, such as clothing, table clothes and folding chairs. Attach clip-on repellents to clothing or sun...
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Three Signs You Have A Cockroach Problem

If there’s one insect that bothers everyone without fail, it’s the cockroach. This type of pest plagues communities all over the world, filling residents with dread every time they see the creepy little critters skittering around. Cockroaches are known for being difficult to get rid of due to their resiliency and tendency to multiply at an alarming pace. It’s even been said that they could survive a nuclear war!  Luckily, cockroaches can’t survive an attack from a quality pest-control specialist. The experts will have the tools and treatments required to get rid of roaches. If you’re wondering whether you should...
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Why It Makes Sense To Pretreat A Home For Termites

Preventing Termites: Why Pre-Treating Your Home Makes Sense  Gibson provides effective termite treatments for property owners who are dealing with the prospects of an infestation. These pests can damage the structure of your home in a variety of ways. It is extremely difficult to repair termite damage once it has already happened. This is why we recommend preventative treatments whenever possible. This can help you prevent the damage from getting out of control, and this is a cost-effective approach to dealing with possible termite infestations. Termite Damage to Homes Termites can enter the home through small cracks and crevices in...
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